I don't run races.

I run continents.

About the run

My name is Andre Jones. At 10am on the March 10, 2019 I  commenced my solo run around Australia, totalling 15,134kms. 

This is not a race and I’m happy to chat to any traveller willing to say g'day — and even happier to share a few kilometres with runners of all levels.

At 57, I’ve also learnt to listen to my body. With no back-up or support of any kind, when it hurts, I slow down and walk.

There's no point breaking anything, as I’ll be doing it all again the next day, the next week, the next month ... and for an estimated total of 343 days (assuming reasonable weather and manageable injuries). 

There is no one with me to cook, set up camp or apply first aid. I'm doing this alone.

Andre Jones Run Around Australia

The route

15,000kms is a long way by any means and even more arduous when on foot.

Since I’m using a four-wheeled buggy - ‘Intrepid II’ - to house all my gear for the next year, I am generally relegated to roads, preferably sealed.

To this end, I’ll be running along the major roads/highways near the coastline.

Going across the top end of Australia, I will be running on the 3,500km Savannah Way. While some of it is sealed, much of it is dirt … which I’m sure won’t be much fun.

If you'd like to say g'day when I'm coming through your town, click below to view my whole running schedule.


Interesting facts


The estimated total distance of the run is 15,134 kms 


The run is equivalent to 358 marathons 


On an average day I will expend over 4,000 calories


The estimated elevation gain over the run is the equivalent of five Mount Everest climbs (45,122m) 


I will be using 15 pairs of shoes over the course of the run

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