I don't run races.

I run continents ... to raise much needed funds for charities.

About the run

My name is Andre Jones and on Sunday 26 January 2020 I set off from the MCG and commenced the 1,600kms solo through Victoria to raise funds for our drought affected farmers and fire affected wildlife.

If you’ve been following my previous journeys, you may recall I am not a huge fan of running - unless it’s for a purpose. Happy to jog to and from work, or when I was a Milko in the Blue Mountains, and when I was in the Navy for the physical fitness aspect.

I don’t normally go for a jog just for the hell of it. I’m not that keen. However, for a good cause, I will don the running shoes and pound the road.

To date, I have run approximately 9,100kms over 225 days for various charities.

Much of Australia is undergoing yet another drought on top of the recent bushfire tragedies, so I'll be concentrating my efforts in Victoria. To that end, I have chosen

The Lions Club (Pakenham) initiative - NeedforFeed, and Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Recovery





The route

While I won’t be able to cover all of Victoria, it is my hope I can cover the majority of the worst areas.

I’ll be running from town to town, spending my nights at either a local pub, or a friendly supporter. Sometimes these days will be a 30km run, other days it will be 50+kms. I have not allowed for rest days, and I’ve learnt through experience not to stick to schedule at all-costs, but we’ll see how we go.

From the MCG, at 12:30pm on Sunday 26th January 2020, I’ll head west towards Dimboola, turn north to Mildura, turn east to Wodonga and then south to the MCG via Packenham.

As in my previous runs, I will be pushing a custom-made buggy, which will carry all of my gear, food and water. In areas where no accommodation is available, I will be camping. At this stage, looks like I will be camping about 7-8 nights.

Assuming reasonable weather and manageable injuries, I hope to return to the MCG Saturday morning 7 March 2020.


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