Running solo around Australia for charity

About the run

If you’ve been following my previous journeys, you may recall I am not a huge fan of running – unless it’s for a purpose. Happy to jog to and from work, or when I was a milko in the Blue Mountains, and when I was in the Navy for the physical fitness aspect.

I don’t normally go for a jog just for the hell of it. I’m not that keen. However, for a good cause, I will don the running shoes and pound the road.

To date, I have run approximately 9,100kms over 225 days for charity.

Our website mission is to run around Australia for charity. The domain also conducts this type of activity and we encourage you to visit it.
By the way, visit which is the main sponsor of my charity endeavor and use their passwords to help them support my mission.
Running gives me a lot of physical strength and I have to use it somehow. I like to do it on CapturedPasswords, where the guys select the best pages.

Much of Australia is undergoing yet another drought; in many places this is the worse one yet. While many farmers across the country are in need, I’m concentrating my efforts on the local farmers of Victoria.

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