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After some thought, I decided that it would be beneficial share this ‘reflection’ on various social media platforms and accounts, so that reaches the many people who are supporting and encouraging Andre on his adventure.

Today Andre will run 52kms, having left very dear friends in New Lambton, arriving in Karuah this afternoon (day 29 of 343). Andre is entering his fifth week on the road, and I felt it important to share with you just a few memorable moments to-date.

As many of you know, as his wife, I remain in Melbourne while he undertakes this enormous challenge.  Yes, I miss him, especially each morning, as he has always made my breakfast when home, and of course I miss his expert ironing.  My time alone is however, filled with enormous pride, and is sprinkled with stories, which illustrate enormous kindness, love and positivity.

Running around the country is certainly something many of us see as completely mad and fraught with danger.  The risks are many: injury, ill health, buggy breakdowns and traffic, just to name a few. Conversely, there are many, many, many delightful situations which, ultimately help Andre’s journey, be one of great achievement and pride.  Memorable moments are continually shared with friends, family, neighbours, communities and strangers.  Here are just a few I would like to highlight….

  • Day 18 – Andre arrives in Milton.  He was expecting to camp however was contemplating any options with motels. As he wander along the highway, a lady was emptying her mailbox.  She commented that she had seen some media regarding Andre.  Her invitation for an afternoon cuppa resulted in a night of great food, conversation and accommodation with this kind lady and her husband.  Andre stated it was like finding a long lost aunt and uncle and he was overwhelmed by their hospitality. A long lasting friendship forged with strangers.
  • Day 26 – After a very quick visit to Taronga Zoo, Andre exits Sydney via a ferry to Manly.  The plan was to run to Palm Beach that afternoon and take another ferry to Umina. The steering on his buggy snaps. In urgent need of repairs, Andre locates the nearest Bunnings in Balgowlah.  After a quick conversation about what was require, the Bunnings staff take over the buggy repairs, insisting it was their contribution to the adventure.  Andre is then rescued by Gavin, the Tailwind representative, and spends the night being hosted by his family.
  • Day 28 – There are times in one’s life when taking a wrong turn gives you more than you could ever imagine. Andre turns left across the bridge at Budgewoi, instead of right before the bridge, and soon hears a voice calling out ‘Uncle Andre’.  Our gorgeous nephew Lars, who he had met up with in Sydney, was with friends fishing from the bridge.  This meeting, was definitely one of those unexpected moments in we encounter, when we least expect it.

The daily conversations with strangers, the cars tooting, with many stopping and handing Andre cash donations, are countless.  Andre is continuing to receive great coverage and support by the various paper and television media outlets.

Our big THANKS, however, go to YOU – Andre’s social media followers and the 80+ donors.  

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  1. Avatar Jojy Gorski on May 4, 2019 at 6:47 am

    Good morning Morag!
    Great story. Thanks for sharing. 😊
    This morning I found Andre’s strava account about his adventure. I’m in awe! I wish him all the best in this run and I will be following.
    We are Jojy and Olly artists and writers on traveling the world and painting as we go. Our journey starts the end of May when we’ve converted our 1989 Mercedes van into a camper. We’re currently in Poland.

    We look out for Extraordinary People. For example, we’ve an article on a man who cycled 12000km through Africa solo. About an 81 year old who is running his last marathon in August 2019. People have a story to tell – we want to tell it , and paint it as well. We will have an art exhibition after a year of travels.
    I’m wondering if at some point we could do a story on Andre and paint his portrait? It would make an amazing story.
    With best wishes,

    (Facebook and instagram)

    • Avatar Ralph and Rosemary on June 25, 2019 at 6:59 am

      We met Andre yesterday 24 June at the Gilbert River Bridge between Georgetown and Croydon Qld.
      What an enormous challenge and an amazing fella. Good luck Andre and we will see you when you pass through Busselton WA in November. Would you like a bed for the night?
      …Ralph and Rosemary.

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